Business Services Advisory is the expatriate and international trade services agent located in Izmir, Turkey.

In 2008, the e-foreign trade specialist programme has been successfully completed which is provided by Yorktrade Foreign Trade Institute and achieved to receive the applied import & export management training school completion certificate certified by the Ministry of National Education. Moreover, the Foreign Trade diploma granted from Anadolu University in the same year.

Since 2012, expatriate management became another profession in consequence of working for foreign companies and/or major projects in its own field. Apart from approximately 50 residence permits, more than 150 work visa/work permit has been successfully managed in accordance with the domestic and international laws and regulations.

Montage and repairman visas have been managed for expatriates where the equipment purchased and imported from. Expatriate management-related services such as document translation, housing, utility membership, school enrollment etc. also provided.

Business Services Advisory is ready to be your business partner.